10 Common Questions asked by Learners in Ilford

Are your Driving Instructors in Ilford Fully Qualified?

Yes all our Driving Instructor's in Ilford are fully qualified Green Badge holders. Find out more about this Here.

Are your Driving Instructor cars fully insured for Driving Lessons in Ilford?

Yes all our Driving Instructor cars are fully insured for your Driving Lessons in Ilford.

Are Your Driving Instructors DBS CRB Checked?

Yes all our Driving Instructors in Ilford are CRB/DBS checked by the DVSA.

Are Your Driving Instructor's Local and Know the Test Routes?

Yes all our Driving Instructor's in Ilford live in Ilford and know all the local test routes of all the local test centres.

How Long Has Your Company Been Around?

We have been established for 25 years.

How Many Times can I Take Your Special Offer?

We only allow you to have one special offer per person thereafter our normal rates apply. Please see our Price Page for more information.

How Do I pay for My Driving Lessons in Ilford?

You must pay in cash at the beginning of your first Driving Lesson in Ilford.

Do You Have Male and Female Driving Instructors in Ilford?

Yes we have Male and Female Driving Instructor's in Ilford just ask.

How Many Driving Lessons Will it Take for Me to Pass My Driving Test?

Everyone is different, once you have taken a couple of driving lessons with your allocated Driving Instructor he or she will give you a rough estimate. Average numbers are between 20 to 40 lessons.

If you have any more Questions on Driving Lessons Ilford feel free to call us anytime to discuss them