About Us

Driving Lessons Ilford.com is a trading name of A Class Learners, the Driving School in Ilford, and has been teaching driving lessons in Ilford for 25 years. A Class Learner's always had a few Driving Instructor's working for the founder for 25 years before it became a registered company. So the son of the founder became a Driving Instructor and took over the driving school and incorporated the comapny and took it to new heights.

Our Company Grew and We Recruited Experienced Driving Instructors in Ilford

Our company has gone from strength to strength and grew. We recruited experienced driving insturctors in Ilford that have been around for a few years that have bags of experience and took advantage of the dot.com boom. We are the first online based driving school in Ilford that existed.

Good Quality Diving Instructors in Ilford with a Minimum of 4 Years Experience

We still have all the same Driving Instructors in Ilford that have got the people in our reviews gallery their pass certificates. We supply good quality driving instructors in Ilford, all have at least 4 years experience and are all fully qualified. There are too many new driving instructor's around in Ilford and those are the ones we don't want as they have no experience in teaching.

All A Class Learners Driving Instructors are franchisees, they are polite, friendly, professional, male and female, Approved Driving Instructors in Ilford. At A Class Learners we only have the best cherry picked instructors that work for us. We are very picky with who we let in to our team of Driving Instructors in Ilford. Rest assured when you have a driving lesson with our Driving Instructor's you will learn at ease and will not feel nervous at all.

An Ilford Driving School Based in Ilford with Driving Instructor's that Live in Ilford

Our call centre is also based in Ilford and all of our Driving School Instructor's live in Ilford. This is always a bonus to learners that want to learn how to drive in Ilford as the test routes are around Ilford and who else to learn from driving instructor's that know the Ilford area like the back of their hands.

The Proof is in our Pass Pictures

We really do get Learner's their licences to drive in Ilford. The proof is in the pass pictures that we have on our reviews page. Please take the time to go through our blog section as this information will give you more detailed information on everything to do with driving lessons in Ilford.

Make the Right Choice for Driving Lessons in Ilford choose our Driving School