Terms and Conditions

Only one special offer per person, thereafter we will charge you our normal rates see Prices page.

If you would like a refund and you have paid in advance for a special offer, then our instructor will charge you for every lesson you have taken at our normal rates and refund the difference. You could always try one lesson first before at our standard rate to make sure you are happy with us.

Your Driving Instructor will be responsible and liable for any refunds that are owed to you. If you need to cancel a driving lesson, you must give your driving instructor at least 48 hours notice, otherwise you will be charged for the lesson.

Our Driving Instructors reserve the right to withdraw the use of their car, for driving Test use, should any learner prove not to be up to a safe standard. We must enforce this as advised by THE DRIVING STANDARDS AGENCY.

We cannot be held responsible for postponements or cancellations of lessons due to illness or mechanical breakdown, providing incorrect driving test details to your instructor, or reasons of this nature, this also includes if the driving standards agency changes the date of your test. Our instructor will still charge for their time. In most cases you can claim this money back, from the DVSA subject to their terms you have agreed with them.

To learn with us you must hold a provisional licence or a full driving licence.