Ilford Driving Test Centre Tips

Find Out What it's Like in the Test Centre Car Park During Your Driving Test

The test Centre is based in the Ilford area of Goodmayes. Goodmayes Test Centre has about 10 Driving Tests starting at the same time. So there could be a lot of distractions of other Learner's driving off or some may be even doing the bay park excercise.

What Should You do in These circumstances During Your Driving Test?

Keep taking effective observations continuously. Pedestrian's or Driving Instructor's or other Learner vehicles could be moving about and get in your way as you start your test. Wait until they have cleared your path and it is safe to do your manoeuver or drive out.

Hold Your Nerves When You Start Your Driving Test

Initial nerves will kick in as you sart your driving test at Goodmayes Test Centre Ilford, thats natural. Relax the Examiner is not their to put you off, but to assess your driving ability.

Common Things That Learner's Forget to do as they Start the Test

Don't forget to signal before coming out of a bay as you could go either way left or right. Cars may want to drive in to the test centre carpark as you are trying to exit. Keep to the left of the carpark entrance as you will need to leave room for vehicles that want to drive in.

As you try to emerge out of the Test Centre carpark you will notice a slight uphill incline. If you don't prepare the car properly at this point the car will roll back. You should apply a little more gas and raise the front bonnet by bringging up the clutch by a thickness of a 50p coin. This shoud get you out of the carpark with out rolling back and failing your Driving Test.

What Situations will You Encounter as You Emerge Left out the Carpark

If You emerge left out the carpark at Goodmayes Test Centre, there will be cars parked on the main road on either side. There will only be enough space for single file traffic on this two way road. Prepare your self and find gaps that you may need to drive in to and give way to oncoming cars if necessary. You should of practiced meeting situations with your Driving Instructor. After the first road and the second emerge you do, your nerves should settle and you should do well.

Your Driving Instructor in Ilford will have many more tips to give you when you take driving lessons in Ilford with our Ilford Driving School